Yesterday blonde duo Robin and Kristin met me in the park located in the center of Manhattan. We sat together and watched a few innings of my company softball game. Turned out to be a nice afternoon activity.

Harry and the Game.

A City Lesson. Or, how I learned that I have been in the city too long.

Robin: Can I take off my shoes and my socks!!!!!
Anise: NO WAY. That is disgusting! I don't want you walking around on this. (pointing toward a feild of green grass)
Kristin: (enter sarcasm) Yeah Robin, we don't want you walking barefoot on grass...
Anise: No really, I am being serious. You don't know what is in this grass. Its nasty.
Kristin: oh my gosh - look over there.

And then all three of us turn and see a cigarette in the grass, still lit, smoking escaping into thin air.

Anise: See what I mean? Keep your shoes on.