It's official. I entered the ING New York City Marathon. Everybody cross your fingers for me, because I entered the "1-out-of-3-chances-of-getting-picked" lottery.

The other really super special part about this entry is that my childhood bestest friend in the whole wide world has entered the race too! Monique is training over in Alaska, and I am training here in NYC. So cross those fingers on your other hand for Monique.

Fun Facts about Monique & Anise:
1. In track, people used to call us Monise and Anique!!
2. Once we picked up this cannery rat (a cannery rat is a hippie who works in the canneries) at the grocery store (that is where we hung out), and took him hiking. He was afraid of bears. We thought that was annoying. So we hid from him.
3. We were obsessed with this homeless hippie in our town that we named "Greenman". Whenever we were out, and we saw him on the streets, we would go over to him and start yelling "GREENMAN!!!!" and then talk to him for like 1/2 hour. He believed in the color green.
4. We would occasionally sleep in a tent in my front yard. One night Chris Something and David Span came over and started peeing on my tent. I think Monique threw up (she had a weak stomach, but would never claim it) and I started crying. I liked that tent.
5. We both have a sibling graduating from high school this year. Go Amanda and Geoffrey!! Yippee!!
6. Monique married her high school sweetheart. His name is Todd. They have one girl. Her name is Mazzy. I am not married. But I am getting a really fat cat on Saturday named Ava.