The moon has entered Taurus (sign of yours truly) today, and the date is 4/20. Ah, lets lay in the grass and hold hands sweet boy.
I am going to post 3 days from my journal dating from ten years ago. I was 16, had never smoked weed, and only two days before, tried my first taste of alcohol (purple passion at Deverie’s party). The prom was happening at the end of the month.

Dear Diary, 4-20-94
I am such an idiot! I totally forgot to go in and make up a math test that I got a 0 on. Now I have to totally study like a freak. Today I didn’t go to track. I went swimming. Jeff C. called and said he can go with me and Denali M. to “Jazz Izz”. Lance and I talked a lot today. He’s such a GOOB. I read about Sascha today. He’s a math genius. I’m so embarrassed at what Rachel J. did. I’m so exhausted! I still don’t have a prom date. Cory S. doesn’t have one either. What a BLOB. Stacey P. is an awesome swimmer. Her and Ben H. keep up with me in swimming.
Joshua needs help.
GOOD NIGHT! (heart) Anise.

Dear Diary,
Today I went to Jazz Izz w/ Denali M., Bess F., and Jeff C. The concert was great, but people I went with were stupid. Denali M. kept on coming in and out and Bess F. kept on screaming. And Jeff C. just sat there – duh! But I went to Fred Meyers today. I also went to track. It was cool. I stayed up with everybody. I improved my times also. But I feel really strong. At school there was major testing. I was kinda & still am stressing. I am thinking about Lance N. and prom. But I am not sure. Cypress Hill is cool. Monique is sick today. Todd left for Toronto. Danny U. is having dad problems. I don’t see why I have to have parents.
(smiley face) Anise.

Dear Diary, 4-22-94
Happy Earth Day!! Whew!! Today I went to the new Fred Meyers w/ my family. We all did not go hiking because it snowed. At Fred Meyers (which I really like the shoe section.) We stayed ½ the day and I saw Tobias White. He swims for Homer. He’s so GOOD LOOKING!! Oh my! I couldn’t stop staring. BABEY BABEY!! Then we went to Grandma’s. Then I came home and went to “Jazz Izz” with Monique. It was way better than last night. I found out that Shanna A. Told Celina C. that she doesn’t want to go to prom with Aaron M. After “Jazz Izz” we all went out and I got in trouble because I was home late. Matt M., Audre G., Mitch L., Luke T., Monique & I were all in my car and we just went around town following people. It was so fun.
Parents are DUMB! (heart) Anise.