My feet will be carrying my camera and my brain to the newly refurbished Brooklyn museum this weekend. The last time I went to the Brooklyn museum it was with Graham, back in the 90's. He and I decided to cut class to catch that "controversial" exhibit that Giuliani was pissing all over because someone smeared shit on the crucifix? Remember that one? So Graham and I set off for the museum. We got lost. 2 hours worth of lost in Brooklyn. When we finally found a place to park, the museum had just closed. So basically the last time I was at the Brooklyn museum was the last time I was not at the Brooklyn Museum.

I was thinking of calling Graham and getting him to go with me again... but the last I heard is that he was addicted to heroin, and living in New Rochelle (called 'roachmotel' to the locals). We had a photo class together like 2 years ago - he invited me out. I wanted to try his candy, just to see what heroin was like, but all he wanted to talk about was Alaska. He wanted to move there, to get away from everyone. I remember telling him "well that's definately the place for a person that wants to get away from everyone." But I never really pushed the Alaska thing, because G was the skinny/emo-ish/nirvana/messy dark haired boy with blushy cheeks who squinted at the sun. I never associated him with nature - so I didn't want him going there. So he never went & I never tried heroin. Hopefully he went to rehab, and is living with his parents or something. I could only hope that much at this point.