Saturday morning the light was perfect, temperature a little chilly - but nothing a light jacket couldn't zap. This is the end of the green line; number 4 train. Woodlawn. What did I find? A cemetery!

The thing that interested me about this crypt was that there are two small graves (see those small rectangles in front?) outside of this very large Crypt for the Ziegler family. The two graves did not bear the Ziegler family name. What the hell are they doing there? I mean really. If the Ziegler family wanted those people in their crypt - don't you think they should have invited them inside? Maybe those two dudes were like friendly neighbors, and they set up this pact "hey, when we die - you guys can be buried with us. cool?" but little did the Schwartz family know that they would not be allowed 'inside' the crypt. They would have to remain measley neighbors, and have an eternal seat outside.

How sad the Schwartz family funeral must have been.

Especially if it was raining.

Moving on.

I got to thinking about plot ideas for a coming of age story about a boy from Ohio. On his 18th birthday he discovers that he is mentioned in the Reuter family trust. He flies to New York to talk with the Reuter family lawyer about his part in the Reuter family trust. To his dismay, he discovers that the family trust has since been spent by his swindling Aunt May. All the lawyer can offer him are the keys to the Reuter family crypt.
Having nowhere really to go, he visits the crypt and falls asleep, consequently missing his flight back to Dayton. When the boy wakes up, he remembers a dream he had that night about his Broadway debut. He decides to spend the rest of the summer living out of the Reuter family crypt, and attempts a small career on Broadway.