Waste bothers me. On a surface level, I feel like we are wasting a lot of food as a country. I have an idea that goes like this. Restaurants should cut their portions in half. If, after finishing the full meal - or full side dish - or whatever - the customer feels as though they weren't served enough - they can ask for seconds.
In the begining maybe there should be a minimal charge - 1 or 2 dollars. However my original idea has no charging involved. Based on the principle that people will be full on the 1st course, and have no need for seconds.

My other idea is to start either charging 25 cents for bags - or demanding people start asking for bags. If they don't ask - they don't get.

For some absurd reason, little things like this will gradually make things all-around more efficient.

The smoking ban worked. right?

I probably saved 400+ bags in 2004 alone by refusing bags.