robin asked me "what is the difference between a slut and a virgin?".

She asked me this on the subway. So I had an audience. I took a deep breath.
"a slut sleeps around, a virgin has never had sex."
"a slut is a bad person tho, right?"
"a slut is not a bad person. who told you that?"
"my dad."
"oh - well then I guess some people think a slut can be a bad person -but not all sluts are bad people. Onto virgin. You know the Virgin Mary, right? Jesus's mom?"
"oh yeah"
"well people call her the Virgin Mary because she got pregnant by never having sex. it was called the immaculate conception."
"do you actually believe that stuff? or is that a fairy tale, or a myth?"
"it’s a story for some people to believe and find comfort in. as for myself personally, I don't really feel right believing that."

and that wraps up another vigorating subway ride with the 9 year-old.