Favorite conversation of the day:
Robin: Can I rollerblade up and down the hall while practicing recorder and screaming??
Anise: Sure, but when your dad comes home; ACT NORMAL.
Robin: okaaaaaaaaaay.

Today after work I was pleasantly surprised. I went to the cute little school to pick up cute little robin, in the cute little west village.
I sat down, and made a couple phone calls. Robin walked up, and said "Anise! Can I go to my friends piano recital right now after school?!"
"Of course! Save me a seat!"
So there I was, not one hour after dreary work, sitting in an old school house recital-room listening to 10 year olds play yankee doodle dandy and mary's lamb.
I looked around the room at all of the gloating parents, and did a little gloating myself. I mean, afterall, I was attending a FREE piano recital with the ever-so-urban Robin on my right, and 9 year old daughter-of-fashion-designer Rachel on my left. While trying to keep robin from climbing the walls, Rachel would whisper into my ear which outfits she thought looked cool, and which girls were pretty. We both agreed that Sarah Wang's hot fuscia sweater/orange skirt/with pants ensemble was the best yet, and that Micah McInerney was a little obnoxios.
After the show we all mingled and drank apple juice, ate rice krispie treats and talked about how amazing shaniqua's performance was - it being her first time, and her playing bach and all...