I was about to say "hey you. hey reader. why don't you click on the side google bar for me, so I can buy myself another camera because some punk-camera-less-bum stole mine."
but then i was reading blogs today, and it seems as tho all my fave blogs are donating january's google revenue to the sick & tired in asia.
so i felt like some punk-camera-less-bum, and deleted my post.
I am not donating money to asia. i gave about twenty cents to this man that looked like he needed a cup of coffee today. i like to see where my money goes first hand. i like to see the joy that money can bring to someones face. first hand.
money makes the world go round. it really does.
or at least its been set up to work that way.
and then it doesnt.
i mean, i could stay in new york two months longer than i already planned and make more money for my trip.
but i just don't feel like doing that.
i am a child of my generation.
generation lazy.
i am a child of lazy parents that like bowling and cake-decorating.
no offense. I liked the cakes, and the bowling matches on friday were entertaining as long as you gave us quarters for the games.
but anyway i am totally off charts here.
I am going to stick to my original plan. So send hate mail if you think its as sick as that time i suggested taking christ out of christmas (boy do i have the village praying for me!)
if you liked my pictures and would like to see more - please click on google. i mean, it would do the world wonders of good if i had my camera back. i found my exact camera on ebay today for 120. thats not much. but when you are saving for a thule rack for your car - it IS much. so click away.
what are you still doing here? you should be clicking on google ads right now.

haha. did you like that little trick?

how about this one? take a quarter and put it in your hand without your friend knowing. then all of a sudden act like your friend has something coming out of his head. say "oh my gosh, would you lookie here!" and then show him the quarter in your hand and pretend like it came out of his head.

see. wouldn't have this post been more entertaining with a picture?