I was sitting on the subway of course, wishing I could forget a number. like erase it from my memory. erase the whole situation and honestly be able to play dumb. and then I thought, "gosh, that would be a great idea for a movie".

And then I looked up and saw the Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind DVD-now-on-sale poster.

Later that evening I was chugging away at the boring-but-getting-interesting Bresson movie titled Diary of a Priest, I thought about the cute check-me-out boy at the Video Room who suggested the movie, and how our friendship so far is a good idea for a movie. Aside from the time my flirty mom invited him over to watch Saved with us... our weekly movie suggestions and discussions seems to be budding into a nice little script. so the movie would be both people suggesting movies that in one way or another let the other person know how they feel about the other person. Along with celebrating love for cinema, the movie would be a movie with little movies inside a budding friendship.
the movie would end with the boy suggesting another movie and when the girl says she would like to rent - he says something like: "oh, actually I have that movie checked out right now. Do you want to watch it with me?"
fade to black.

The title would be Movie, and star Bruce Jackman and Phyllis Moorehead.