Fairest's Bukowski poem from yesterday reminded me of my favorite poem. I recite the parts I remember whenever I can. Typically its only fitting while riding a city bus. Its a little down, but I mean, its a song. Yah know? Read it again. Break a vase.

One of my tasks in my after-work job is to have Robin memorize a poem. It would be comical (to doug, myself & Robin - but not the boss) if I had her memorize the Buke, instead of "Peaches Peaches Everywhere". Know what I mean? If you have any good poem suggestions for a 9 year old - please send.

Yesterday I watched Robert Altman's 'Three Women'. It was quite the trip, man. Totally. It was like whoa - this crazy witch, and then murder, and then nothing, and then yellow. Check it out if you like, want to watch something TRIPPY.

The other day I watched Million Dollar Baby. Whoa. Totally. Check that out if you want something GRIPPING. Its a cross (a good cross) between Shawshank Redemption & Raging Bull. Check it. Pay ten. Its worth the smackers.

Tonight I have been assigned to take the little miss to a movie screening of Racing Stripes. 1. sounds like a good nap for me 2. it will be just like when robin plays video games and when asked the question "robin, what are you doing right now" she replies "mindless entertainment". Good times.