With blogs that are older than 3 years you get to go through major events with the author: maybe dating, a wedding, pregnancy, or maybe even death in the family.
So I was just reading one of my favorite blogs that covers basically all the aforementioned, and wondered what events were more popular - Was it her wedding? or did more people start reading after she had her first baby? Or was she more popular when she was single and writing about dating?
It would be interesting to see her sitemeter and it would be cool to see what people are there for. I am sure she wonders about this 34 more times than I do.

Or did.

Did you know that the reason they started putting mud on pre-game major league baseballs is because in the 30's someone was hit & killed by a ball slipping out of the pitchers' hand?
The (Blackburne) mud is actually famous, and is only found in an undisclosed swamp in New Jersey.

Again. Can I see a raise of hands in favor of the Jerz?

I saw Kevin Bacon the other day. I was about 6 feet away from him, and he looked me in the eyes and then looked away. I then told Robin about a "fun game you can look forward to playing in college" called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I like the new Interpol. But don't you feel like 3 & 4 are kind of the same? Like maybe they should have separated them on the album. I never know when 4 starts, because its in the same key as 3. Or maybe that was the point.
3 is a love song.
4 is a life-together song.
I like 3 more. But then sometimes I like 4.

Oh yeah. and don't you think Interpol sounds like early REM sometimes?