Well 3 cheers for those dirty hippies up in Boston. Being so enamored by dirty hippies myself, I actually compiled a list of comments & websites around the internet dedicated to Johnny's plethora of hair. Let me just edit it down to my fave comment from ESPN writer Jim Caple:
"When Damon showed up this spring with wild, shoulder-length hair and a full beard, the only things he was missing were a volleyball named Wilson and a Fed Ex package under his arm."

About 5 people in my office are on "suicide watch" today. It confused the new girl when the big boss announced that so & so was on suicide watch. She asks the big boss "is that like E-Watch??"


A really great riddle about nothing:

What do the rich need, that the poor have?
It is greater than God, and if you eat it you die.

And no, its not a fluffy miniature dog on a city beach....