Public Service Announcement:

I think this "Vote or Die" business is a little silly. I mean are we really going to die if we don't vote?

Are we REALLY?

So if you have been having mixed reactions about the candidates - might I suggest you watch the season premiere of South Park. It was on last night, and the episode is called Douche and Terd. If you missed the episode, start crying now. If you can get that episode by whatever means possible - tivo, direct tv, cable, streaking through the park naked, whatever. Get it. Watch it.

I kind of want to be Towlie for Halloween so I can just walk around and say that I have no idea whats going on and ask people if they wanna get high. And I kind of want to be Cartman's mom because that is an easy costume, and I could offer everyone Cheesy Poofs. I am probably going to be nothing because I don't feel like being anything. That aside, Rodrigo is thinking about being Chef. If you know Rodrigo, you know that he kind of looks like Chef. I want him to Chef. Lets all have Rodrigo be Chef, and lets all forget about this "Vote or Die" business, and vote for "Rodrigo for Chef or Die" for Halloween.

Love yah.