While making a CD last morning, I discovered that Interpol followed by Frank Sinatra is just STELLAR. I mean really exciting.

Try this with me:

Interpol - Obstacle 1 (she holds the weight...)
Frankie - Nice & Easy

Stellar! Borderline Shocking!!
If you need the tracks - email my gmail -

You know that reminds me of rhyming, which remind me of my missing lunch buddy who has a first name that rhymes with his last name. The reason I like him is because he is the best listener I have ever met. He just listens, next thing I know, I've told the kid my whole life story. And then when he does speak, he always says things in my favor! Like "wow that guy is a loser" or "you can get better" or "nice sweater today" things that people put quarters in machines to hear. So anyway he is on his honeymoon with his equally awesome wife. They are in California, and I am here having lunch roaming around Roy Rogers with Subway Sandwiches by myself. boo.

Frank Sinatra will always remind me of fall because I discovered him in the fall one year. Last year was Judy. Three years ago - Ella. 5 years ago - Peggy Lee. I think this year I might try Dean Martin. I want to discover one ballad singer every year during Autumn. Actually you know this year I think I might study Edith Piaf. Even tho she is French, she definitely has an NYC feel.

I like this review of Antics the best.
After much debate, I would like to say that number 7 on Antics is my favorite and with that I will link to the lyrics. This is the one that you turn up really loud about 2 minutes & 45 seconds into the song and wish that the whole song were that pace. The one that makes you devo-out for 34 seconds and dance like Stipe or a mirror of how you dance to Radiohead or well, Turn on the Bright Lights.