Every Thursday, as a treat to Robin, we take the dog Kenai for a walk in Central Park. This is under the agreement that she is on her best behavior all week - weekends included.
The first week we could not go walk Kenai because she (as Doug so eloquently stated) was acting like a damn fool. So we stuck to our guns about the agreement so she would know we mean business.

Ever since that week, Robin has been the model 9 year old.

Practically every day I am in semi-shock about it. In reality, Robin has a nasty streak. She acts up in class, she talks back to everyone, and she whines when she does not get her way.

I don't blame her. I'd whine too if it worked.

Either way, the dog bribe seems to be working. She wants a dog more than she wants life & since she is not allowed to get a dog; we get to walk Kenai. You get the picture.

Last night during a quiet moment over dinner, I asked her a serious question:

Robin? Has behaving in school been difficult for you?
She silently gave me a sincere nod in the affirmative.
Do you miss acting up?
Kind of.
Its probably really hard staying quiet when you really want to shout and jump around, right?
It is really hard. But its worth it.
I guess it is.