Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I didn't feel like going to the gym, and I didn't feel like being inside, so I got on a subway train and rode it to the end. In my opinion the ride was over too quickly. Luckily what I found on the 6 line was the beginning of Pelham Park (NYC’s largest park) and what I found after that was a sign telling me that the bus to Orchard beach was 2 blocks away! So I met this guy Jem, who was also digging the sign, and we walked to the bus to go check out Orchard Beach. I told Jem about my photo project, and Jem told me about all the “Spanish Honeys” that he was planning on meeting on the beach.
After saying goodbye to Jem, I tried to get an icey - but the lady running the stand tried to jip the woman ahead of me out of ten dollars – so I thought maybe I could live without an icey at that moment. I looked around and thought “Orchard Beach is really cool.” I couldn’t hear any cars, I couldn’t see any buildings! It felt like a different day. I walked along the water, watched a dad teach his daughter how to skip rocks, and took note of cool biking & hiking trails.
After I had enough beach, I boarded the bus and headed back to the end of the 6 line. I had some amazing Italian food at a nice Mob operated place by the train. I love those Italian places that are so apparently mob-run. It makes me feel protected. Not to mention the waiters were beefcakes.
So that was my adventure. The end of the 6 line.