This is a picture of Kristin's little brother Nicky with his grandparents (Medford Lake flood survivors.)

So on Saturday, I went to a barbeque for this punk of a kid. We all call him Nicky. He has successfully finished Jr. High, and is now entering high school. So. Of course his family had a party for him. I was happy to attend. Kristin's family is one of the coolest families ever. They are similar to my family, in that they have a party for everything: “What’s that? Grandma bought a donut? LETS GRILL IT!!”
I met Nicky a few years ago, at Medford Lake (formerly known as Medford Lakes). The dad, Lou (Medford Lake flood survivor) has a place there. On said trip – myself, and his sisters Kristin & Caryn showed Nicky how to properly rock out to Green Day’s “Dookie”, and Beastie Boys. Well, the kid is so cool we didn’t really have to teach him. He basically sat in the back and laughed at us screaming at the top of our lungs.
Aside from just finishing up Jr. High, Nicky is in a way-cool band called “Garbage Warriors”. This band is so goat-wicked. They have a hit song titled “Goatzilla”. They like singing about goats. They actually just won the regional competition of Battle of the Bands for the rockin’ state of New Jersey. They have been invited to perform at The Stone Pony.
For those of you unfamiliar with The Stone Pony, it is a New Jersey landmark, made famous by Mr. Bruce Springsteen, among others. According to Lou (Medford Lake flood survivor), “The Stone Pony used to be this little dank place of a bar. Then Bruce Springsteen played there a bunch, and kind of made the place popular. They have fixed the place up since then.” According to Kristin’s Uncle Gene – “I think The Stone Pony has a new back room for bands now”.
That has yet to be confirmed. Anyway – I know one thing. The family will be reconvening at The Stone Pony on Sunday, August 15th. Tickets are 8 dollars. Support music’s future, while visiting one of the finest states in this crazy pack of 50.
Aside from all of this Nicky news – I had a great time at the family barbeque. The ladies of the clan taught me how to gamble & play 3-dollar poker. I was excited to be included in the family 3-dollar poker games that I had been hearing about for the past 4 years. We all played poker on the back porch, late into the night, while making s’mores & eating left-overs. Kristin said that I did well for my first 3-dollar poker game. Cool. Can’t wait for the next one. It was a great Saturday. Thanks Linda & fam! See you at The Stone Pony.

This is a picture of New Jersey from the Dover line train to Maplewood. I think this bridge looks like a Brontosaurus. I have always liked this view & the meadowlands area. Its not really about scenery in Jersey tho - its more about the people. Theres no hype. They are as real as it gets.