So I get this message from my mom the other day:

To: Anise
From: Your mother
Subject: your parent's anniversary.
Message: So did you along with your brothers and father forget that yesterday (the 20th) was our anniversary? 19 years !! Just thought I'd tell you.

Yes mom. I did forget. As for dad forgetting - that sucks. Sorry. I put birthday's at the top of my remember list. Maybe dad puts "duh" on the top of his list. However in my defense - I have a belief that kids remembering parents' anniversaries shouldn't happen. What are we supposed to get you? A card? A romantic CD? A bottle of wine so you both can get drunk and make out?? weird. Shouldn't the anniversary of two people in love be between the two people in love? What do us kids have to do with it? Am I being cold and irrational? Maybe so. I just don't see the point in my interfering in your celebration.

Let me put myself in your shoes: I am married, and have 3 kids. They & my husband forgets our anniversary. hmm. I would definately be hurt, but then I would fogive him because he married me in the first place, and that is probably why he forgot - he is too busy remembering to do everything else, while I pick flowers and sit looking pretty. i joke. My advice would be to forgive him and book a weekend hotel getaway in the next town over. I mean really. Its all about making-out anyway. right?

Either way - Dear mom & jerky dad. I am glad that you both like each other and that you have been married to each other for 19 years. Congratulations. 19 is a good number. Odd, but a good number - right before 20 - an even number signifying 2 decades. I hope that after dad has recovered from his absentminded stupor - that you have a nice time together. As for what you are going to do with your evening? Please keep that to yourselves. I am perfectly fine with the thought of my arriving via Stork in 1977.