At a roof party in Billyburg, we were all looking at the Manhattan skyline. I was pointing out little facts & tid-bits. Someone finally told me that I should make a quirky tourguide. So anyway. It got me thinking about architecture.
I now have this new conversation starter. Of course it only works on architects or those who actually look up at buildings, and have an interest at what they are looking at. I actually met an architect the other day, and so I said “oh, I have been dying to ask someone this: Name your top five buildings in Manhattan”. After some discussion about Manhattan architecture, and the like, I decided that my top five buildings in Manhattan are:
1. Citicenter on 53rd & Lex. I have a lot of interesting tid-bits about this building, and a general theory that 53rd street is owned by Citibank. 5+3=8, and there are 8 letters in citibank. Also – if you stand on 53rd, and look east, you see the citibank headquarters – the tallest building in Queens. They aligned the two for a reason. Citi on the brain. Sidenote: Last month I got that new Citi ad that they have running in the magazines – the bumpersticker with I (heart) blank. I was going to fill it in with something that I loved – but then thought it might be funny to fill it in with “(I heart) buying things with my citibank card”. Either way, it just hangs on my door, still blank. Maybe I don’t love anything. Some consumer I am.
2. My second fave building is this building that literally makes my temperature rise. I think that is his whole point tho... Its the Trump Tower on 5th and 55th. (Picture to left.) Dude. The building’s got trees growing in a triangle on the side... What more could you want from a building?
3. The Solow Building. I have a crush on that building. I take pictures of it all the time, and I plan on taking my kid there on their 9th birthday, to take a picture of it with the number 9. How sick is that?
4. The new Louis Vuitton on 5th. What a testament to style.
5. Flatiron building. Its why I am here people.
All 5 points are conversation starters – but lets save it for when you buy me drinks. Thanks. And good night.