I was looking at last year’s NYC ‘to-do’ list, and to my surprise, I accomplished a few major things (in bold). I still have a few things left that are those like tourist things that always get passed up. I was thinking I will get those crossed off the list this weekend, during Sadie’s visit.

NYC list:
2. Metropolitan Opera.
3. NY Philharmonic.
4. Take a tour of the U.N.
5. Shakespeare in the park
6. NY Stock Exchange.
7. Rocky Horror Picture Show at the village theatre.

9. Circle Line Tour
10. Show at Carnegie Hall.
11. The Producers
12. Met roof gardens on Friday night.
13. Woody Allen @ Carlyle.

1. Roosevelt Island.
2. Coney Island.
3. The Cloisters.
4. Look at the John Lennon strawberry fields stone.
5. Run a race in Central Park.
6. Bike from the tip top of Manhattan, to the end of Manhattan.
7. Run the east side river walkway.
8. Finish end of the line project.
1. Sing at a night club.