Today I went flying around the Kenai Peninsula with Larry and Kelly. We saw a black bear, a mama bear and cubs jogging along a river, some swans, and a moose just laying down taking a nap. Pretty cool man.

The other day I was on a run, and actually had to stop running, because a moose was in my path. I kind of freaked out and sprinted home. I was wheezing the rest of the day; and i don't have asthma. From that day forward, my brother Joshua has been escorting me on my daily run. This has not helped the wheezing... if anything, its made it worse. Hopefully tho, I will go back to NYC a better runner. In prep for the marathon of course.

In addition to flying around; i also applied to some Seattle jobs today. I think it would be funny to work for Starbucks in Seattle. My bro's think it would be funny too. So I applied. If anything, for a good family laugh over dinner today.

family eating pizza.
anise: so. I applied to be an area manager inspector of Starbucks in Seattle today.
family: parents choke on pizza. brothers laugh.

i am trying to get some pictures on this old slut of a blog - but i don't have my photo tools here in AK like i do in NYC. I got some great shots. Seems a shame they will have to wait.