For some reason, I found some of these “no” responses to my birthday party – rather funny. I deleted most of them, but for the past few days I have been too busy to obsessively delete. Here are some of the best of “no” responses.

oh shit hey anise... no I don´t quit live anywhere I am in Chile now traveling around south america. I plan to be back in the Us on June 30th I am flying into NYC but planning on moving on from there...

lol...hey anise... i saw ur website...and its too funny...well i have a no respond tooo...cant beat some of your friends...bUT i sprained my ankel...FOR REAL!!! i would love to skate...but at this momnet, i can only sit there and watch and that would drive me insane!!!! so have a balst rolling around and show off some grooves on wheels.

I am bummed to report this, but due to the fact that I am completely Flat broke (100$ in my checking account that must last for almost a week) I cannot attend your birthday. I am sorry. I promise to make it up to you. I should be financial much more solid when I get back from California on May 23rd. Perhaps (name) and I could take you out for a post-birthday drink then? I would like that.

I'd love to come it sounds awesome! I hope you have a great time. I'll be at the hospital wiping somebody's butt I wishing I could be there. Have a great birthday!
(from my friend who is a nurse in San Diego)

Hey Anise, Happy Birthday! Sorry that I won't be able to make it there because I'll be working on Wednesday night. On Wednesday and Thursday I'm working nights on "Romance and Cigerettes", The Gandolfini movie. We're burning down a house in Queens for those two nights.

I am sorry to be getting back to you so late. I have a final tomorrow night so I will not be able to come out to your party. Though i do wish i was there instead of my spanish class. I hope you have a great time. Thanks for thinking of me and inviting me!

I hate to be a party pooper but I wanted to give you some warning that I might not be able to make it Wednesday. I have my final paper due for my class. I may be stuck working on that. Bummer. I'll let you know for sure as soon as I get a sense of it myself.

word anise. I'm in Israel on Wed. Lets chill this summer.

Happy Birthday a little early. I want to come and skate with you. Poo. How is everything with you? When are you leaving for your trip?

I'm so sorry that I can't come. But, I did arrange for Thoth to be there! Okay, not really. That would have made me super cool though. Enjoy the B-day. Hope you have a good time rollerskatin'

i'm not gonna make it to your rollerskating birthday extravaganza. but have a great time! it will take a lot for me to get there, and i don't really want to try skating in front of people i don't know, so i would just be watching. please understand.

I'll let you know about the party later this week...anyway I'm looking for temporary roommate (could lead to long term) May 15 – July 1.... $800 per month, utilities extra. I moved to Newport New Jersey its on the path train really convenient in a luxury doorman bldg with laundry etc. Its a 3 bed two bath apt...

I hope you're doing well. I'm on vacation at the moment and I won't be back until early next week. I'll try to make it, but it all depends on how quickly I get over the time difference.

Hey how are you? I'm still in brooklyn, I don't know if I'll be able to attend your b-day but happy b-day, maybe we can get together sometime in the city to catch up? I'll let you know if I can make it though next week. Peace

darling anise, i am ever so thrilled to be invited to your party - it sounds fantabulous!!!!!!! unfortunately i am still stuck in copenhagen, so maybe next year... but i wish you all the bestest and pinkest and skatest, have a wonderful time and live it up, baby!! lovelovelove,