I was thinking about women kicking ass again - brought on by my viewing Kill Bill Volume 2 (and Blue Crush - but lets not judge me. okay? I like surf movies, as of late). So I was thinking about kicking ass, and I was laying in bed this morning and I thought maybe I should go kick some ass on that loop around central park. So I got all geared up and went to the loop. What was actually happening at the loop was pretty cool. Child Magazine was sponsoring some kind of women's run. So for like 10 minutes, I sat on the bench and watched all these strong women kick the loop & each others' ass. Then I went on my own little run, and was so moved by all of these strong women that I just couldn't help but start silently crying. For any of you that have never done that, let me be the first to tell you that running while crying is VERY painful. Plus I was trying to hide the whole scene and play it cool. No worries - I was wearing a hat - but still. I seriously couldn't help myself. It was all I could do but feed off of the feeling in the air that these women were putting out there. I am really hoping I get chosen to run the marathon. I don't want to talk about it too much - for fear I will jinx myself. But after my experience this morning - I know I have it in me. I know I can do it and seriously kick ass. I WANT to kick ass.

Also. Kill Bill Volume 2 was nothing short of being a perfect movie to watch on Mother's Day weekend. Nothing made me want a child of my own, more. I sat there feeling so happy that the ultimate prize was to spend the rest of her life with her kid. The scene where they are watching TV together was my favorite. That is how Robin likes to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch. That is how Reid likes to watch Finding Nemo. And that is how little Miles likes to watch the Amanda Show. Kids kick ass. Oh yeah. So do Moms Happy Mom Day Mom & Grandman & Great Grandma(!).