One highlight of my trip to Coney Island, was spending a coupon on my first Nathan's hot dog. The other highlight was meeting a hooker named Aurora on the B44 bus to Billyburg. She hopped on the bus, and announced:
I am taking this bus to the last stop. It's a hell of a long ride. (Sits in front of me. )
I am taking this bus to the last stop too.
I just feel like it. Why get off?
We chatted about our names. I said that her name matched her personality. She said my name was pretty.
She narrated the ride. Her and her bleached hair with black roots. She was growing long hair to be Lady Godiva in the Mermaid Parade.
She took me to a thrift store in Williamsburg.
The Hassids were baking, and the air smelled like sweet bread.
We were appropriately deposited under the tracks.
I tried things on. But didn't find anything to write home about -
like Aurora said I would.


Left the clothes for someone else to put back.
Said goodbye and stepped outside.
Looked up at the train tracks.
Then went home.