I often feel sad for those horses clomping up and down the avenues and throughout Central Park. In doing some research about getting a pet - I went to the ASPCA website and found this article in hopes to try to save the NYC horses.
I was on the ASPCA website, because last night I went to this focus group for potential pet owners. After they milked us for information, we were sent on our merry way with 50 bucks, and an adoption fee waiver for any pets from the ASPCA (good for 30 days).
I was in a room full of moms and other single girls. When asked the question: "What issues are swaying you away from getting a cat?", I was the only one in the room to answer:
"well two guy friends are basically telling me that I shouldn't become "that girl". You know, the girl with the cat. They want me to get a dog, because dogs make girls more attractive."
So that got a laugh. But its totally true. If I get a cat, in my current state of being single; I might as well start volunteering at the library.
So my thoughts have turned towards getting a dog.
Any suggestions on what kind of dog I should get - please email me within the next 30 days. I would like a dog that doesn't shit. I would also like a dog that doesn't do anything while I am away from the apartment. Oh, and if you know of any dogs that won't bark - that would be great too. Thanks.