ESPN was on the TV that was in front of my treadmill. I have never watched - wait, I take that back. When I was a kid, I liked to watch bowling on Saturdays with my dad. And I also like watching the random swim meets and the Tour de France. So anyway. The UTAH vs. BYU game was on. I was paying attention because when I lived in Idaho this would have been grounds for all the guys to cut class.
However, I couldn't concentrate on the game. Not out of naivete for basketball. It was out of my shock at the amount of TITS on that channel. Every woman commentator had HUGE tits. I thought ESPN was sports. Shouldn't they have butch dyke Martina Navratilova-esque girls on there with their low voices talking like men? What about Summer Sander? What happened to her? She didn't have big TITS she was someone for the whole family.
I actually thought it was a joke when the weather girl got up and told me about the cold front blowing up her skirt.
I am hoping that they at least let these ESPN girls take mini vacations during the ESPN coverage of the national spelling bee. Save the children!