Here is a poem sent to me by my little friend Miles. He is 9 years old. He lives in Rye, New York. He studies the Recorder, Piano, and can kick my ass at Gamecube. When Miles visits me in the city, we enjoy watching movies, expensive Diners, and Jaywalking. When I visit Miles in the country we enjoy canoeing Long Island Sound, riding the DragonCoaster at Playland, and biking down to the "secret beach". So, without further delay:

I am old and ugly
Sad and blue
I am probably 5,000 years older than you
I have gray hair
Crooked teeth
And all my freckles faded away
My nose is to big my eyes are to small
My legs are bad
I should probably crawl
I am as thin as a bone
I am a portrait of a man all alone
- miles h. III