One day last summer, Frank McCourt came over to hang out with Doug. They were sitting on the porch. Frank drank wine, and Doug stuck to soda. Diet coke I believe - he is not a drinker. Stopped cold one day. Hasn't took a sip since. A psychologist once diagnosed it as "spontaneous recovery". So anyway, Liz comes home and gets all hyper about Frank being over at the house. She asks me to prepare something for Frank and Doug.
L: Anise, you know who that is? Its Frank McCourt.
A: Yes, I know, we met. I like his work.
L: Oh. Well Frank is Irish.
A: Wait, what!? Frank McCourt is Irish!? Since when!?
L: ha ha very funny. What do you think we should have? Soda bread?
A: Why don't we just serve potatoes??

bud dum dum ching.