not to get all cheesy on ya'll, but i feel like in some small way, fellow bloggers, and myself are making history. its more of an arts and crafts type history. not the history that war activists made in 1969 - just personal histories put together. yet, history none the less. i mean we are keeping a record of our common-everyday-nonsense filled lives. i think it will seriously be cool to look back on. who knows, maybe one day when i am 73, i will sit in a rocking chair and read what i wrote to my grand kids. of course they would all have to be over the age of 18, but you get the point.
i think about that a lot. not sitting in that rocker. (hi rocker) but writing and sharing for an audience beyond the present. some would call that the future.
there is this one religion that believes that our lives (essentially) are being video taped, and that during the second coming (when christ comes back to earth...) we will all sit down and watch each others lives. whenever i hear this story i always laugh and wink or wave at "the camera." its fun. i hope my movie is entertaining and interesting. sometimes when i am alone, i think about that as well, and i start talking to the camera, narrating whats going on. uh, i guess some would call that crazy. i think its being considerate to my future audience. i hope they serve carmel popcorn. hmm yum.