I have an idea for a college cooking show to air on the Food Network. Every episode would represent a different college. The audience would wear their college sweatshirts - maybe the show would take the occasional cross country trip to different schools. I would have a male and female host, and they would be professional chefs- having just graduated from chef school. I want them to be chefs because I don’t think it would be fair to give hosting positions on Food Network to anything but chefs. If they were not chefs - the show would be more geared for MTV. The crux of the show would basically be how to live off of 5 dollars a day, with a microwave, a stove used only to boil water, and no tv dinners allowed. Here is an example recipe to be featured on the show:
makeshift pizza in a coffee mug.
1/2 a coffe mug of bisquick
some cheese - but if you don’t have any, it will be fine without.
some spaghetti sauce.
directions: fill a coffee mug half full of bisquick baking powder. add water until you get the same consistency of shampoo. put the mug into the microwave for a about 2 minutes. the bisquick will in turn cook into a nice roll right inside the cup. take mug out after two minutes - looking at the top to make sure all dough is cooked. with a fork, pull the roll away from the cup, and pour some spaghetti sauce onto the roll. sprinkle with cheese and enjoy.
other toppings: honey & butter, brown sugar, cheese, jelly.