I used to work for a socialite, & at a popular store in the village - so I would like to publish all the conversations that I have had with famous people. If noted otherwise, all conversations took place on the phone.

Melanie Griffith -
ring, ring.
A: Hello?
M: (in a verrrry chilled out whisper) Hey, it's Melanie.
A: wha, who?
M: Melanie Griffith. How are you?
A: uh, great. How are you?
M: ahh everything is cool with me. say, do you know when Stella should be there in the morning?
A: at the apartment?
M: yeah, she is going to camp with robin.
A: no, I am sorry I have no clue what time Stella should be there. I suggest you call Liz. Do you have her cell number?
M: Yeah, let me check that with you. (check number) Cool. Thank you.
A: No problem. Have a great night.

Paul Newman -
ring ring
A: hello?
P: hey its Newman, is Lizzie there?
A: no, can I take a message?
P: ah, just tell her newman called.
A: deal.

Chelsea -
ring ring
C: is Liz there?
A: No, may I take a message?
C: Its Chelsea.
A: Would you like me to have her call you back?
C: Don't you have another number where I can reach her?
A: I could give you her cell phone.
C: Okay. I will try her there.

Alec Baldwin - (we met once at a restaurant in East Hampton - and he found out that I was from Alaska.)
in person.
Al: Hey Alaska! How's Robin?
A: Great. What are you up to?
Al: Just felt like an afternoon jog. I am going to keep my car in the drive way while I jog the beach.
A: That’s cool with me.
Al: Great. I'll be back in the next hour.
A: Have fun.

Debbie Harry -
ring ring
A: Hello?
D: Is Miles in?
A: Yes, may I tell him who is calling?
D: Debbie Harry.
A: just a second -

Paul Newman -
in person
Doug: Anise something is burning in the kitchen.
A: Oh my! I left robin's papers in the stove!
P & JoAnne Woodward: (laugh at me)
D: what!? why would you do a thing like that?
A: I never use the stove, and needed a place to store her work.
P: Well its cooked now!
D: that’s for sure.
later, in the kitchen:
P: say, could you tell me where the beer is?
A: yeah, in the fridge, let me get it -
P: oh, no that’s okay sweetie.
again, in the kitchen:
P: Would you mind hooking me up with another Sierra?
A: No problem.
P: The meal was absolutely delicious.
A: Gee, thanks.

Bev D'Angelo -
B: oh, that girl loved you. Do you nanny?
A: No, but I baby sit and tutor from time to time.
B: How are you with 2 year old twin boys??
A: Love 2 year olds. I used to watch two boys both under 2.
B: Great. could I have your number in case I need a sitter?
A: not a problem.

Lauren Bacall -
L: Hello darling, where is the coat room?
A: around the corner to your right.
L: Thank you.

McCauley Culkin -
in person
M: I am waiting for a small Buddha statue from the back room - could you tell me how long the wait will be?
A: Well, I would guess maybe 15 minutes. You could wait here, or I could page you once Jose returns.
M: I will wait here.
A: Fine - so how has your day been?
M: Fine.

Holly Hunter -
H: Hello, I am interested in a comforter over there, could you help me?
A: Yes, I will find a sales associate for you. Please wait here.

Barbara Walters -
A: ABC Carpet & Home, how may I help you?
B: I would like to purchase 6 gift certificates for my staff.
A: Great - whom may I say these are from?
B: Barbara Walters. Actually could you individualize them?
(then we went through the whole process. I doubt you want to read that, and I dont want to type it.)

Jimmy Buffet -
ring ring
A: Johnson residence, Anise speaking.
J: Hey - Lizzie in?
A: Sure, may I ask who is calling?
J: Jimmy Buffet.
A: please hold.

in person
J: dinner was delicious. Thank you.
A: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Alan Alda -
in person
Al: Thank you! Dinner was fantastic!
A: Thank you! glad you had fun.

Dan Rather -
D: Where could I find a restroom?
A: Down the hall, to the left.
D: Thanks.

Michael Pitt -
in person
A: Hey, I never do this, but I just wanted to say you were amazing in Hedwig.
M: thank you. I really appreciate that.
A: Man, it was fucking brilliant.
M: Thanks.