I would like to post an ad asking if anyone would like to become my pen pal with one stipulation - we write each other high on weed (not that I would do that kind of thing). now, I was going to post this on craigslist - but that would be me basically saying "hey feds, here I am, email me, pretend you are high, become my best friend, put me in a compromising position where one day you just so happen to "not have any weed on you" and sentence me to the slammer at 26, for narcotics possession". So anyway, again - let me reiterate that this is an IDEA. Here is the ad I will never post:
wanted: pen pal who is willing to email me high on marijuana. you do not read high times. you get high to hear things in music, look at situations from a different perspective, laugh, and dance around. for some reason I don’t want a girl writing me high - I know that's sexist - but I picture my high pen pal being male. To add more to the fun I recommend a song, then you recommend a song to listen and then comment on. my pick to get things rolling is track 1 on Hail to the theif. a little obvious of a pick, but it should get things rolling. hope to hear from you soon.