modern day hippie: like their 1970's counterparts, they aren't really accomplishing much in how to solve the problems that exist. they essentially get together, hold hands and feel the pain that is sung or typed about - yet they do not proactively solve - they are too focused on what's going wrong. some might call this complaining. the modern day hippie ranges from the homeless kids begging for food on university and 14th, to the unconscious consumer kid. the modern day hippie idolizes the olden day hippie, yet would never be caught dead in tie dye. they know all the right bands, memorize thier lyrics - but rarely activate or motivate.

now, its not all bad - modern day hippies are needed in a society to remind the people of what's going on. However the workers and the fighters are attempting to get things moving and make efficient changes within the society. After that last post about me wanting to write someone high (not that I would do that kind of thing), I just wanted to reiterate that even though I might have some modern day hippie tendencies - I would much rather be using my brain, and man power to make changes. I suppose we can get high once the changes have been made... but will that really be necessary in a perfect society?