Wow. iTunes has really got me in a clinch this time.

Whats a clinch?

Something that grabs you and doesn't let you go. Its a cross between a bind, a siv, and having someone hold your hands behind your back in that twisting hurting way.

Or maybe its like when Luke Skywalker & Princess Laya - Maybe Java & R2D2 were there too - were caught in that hallway with slowly closing walls, that would eventually squish them.

Thats a clinch.

iTunes has me in one right now because they have an "iTunes Original" about Jack Johnson - my favorite artist of 2004. They have commentary on songs that I already own. So to get the commentary - I am going to have to buy the album - just to hear why he wrote this and that and him and her.

I just might do it. I am in that kind of mood today. Taking taxis here and there. Buying music about this and that.