This article made me think about my first time at the Museum of Modern Art. I will be there Saturday morning to get my first glimpse - and in order to protest the 20 dollar admission fee.
The MoMA was my first museum to visit after moving to NYC. I was 19. I went to look closely at Pollack, Picasso & another fave at the time that I have since forgotten. I hadn't even made it to the second floor - I turned right after entering the lobby, and was stuck to stillness. Dumbfounded I stared ahead of me at the work of John Currin. Paintings larger than life-size. I thought "this is why I love art". I stood there, grabbed the booklet, and stood there some more. Scrutinizing the details of the lines, thinking about fashion, color, and paint. Thinking about posture, studios, and love.
From that moment and many others that followed in that museum - like the Chuck Close show in 1998 - like the Pollack that I would stare at wondering about paint and movement - like the first time I thought about only buying black clothes; I have always looked forward to my time at the Modern, and look forward to many more experiences like these.