Monique ran the NYC ING Marathon on Sunday. She finished 14000 something out of 40000 with a time of 4:12. Job well done if you ask me. Some cool things that she made note of included:
1. Running through the Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn was especially eerie because no one was shouting - everyone was just standing there clapping. All of the children were dressed identical to the other, and the men were standing in the back while the women just stood near the front holding strollers. She also noticed that there were more twins than usual. Or maybe it was just the fact that all the children were dressed alike.
2. Running through the Bronx was the most fun because all of the black women really get into hooting and hollering. She felt famous. She had her name on her shirt (compliments of niketown) and so people would just start yelling her name like "YO GO GIRL! YOU RUN THAT MARATHON MONIQUE!!" So that must have been fun. Also - apparently they all handed out candy & chocolates in the Bronx. Fun stuff.
3. Gatorade was served every other mile. At the Gatorade stations, she said the street was literally STICKY for 1/4 a mile. She worried that she might trip on the cups that literally LINED the streets.

Todd being competative by nature, said at the expo that if Monique ran the marathon in under 4 hours, that we would all be going to Paris in April to run the marathon there.
Well she didn't finish in less than 4 hours - but since we all had so much fun together everyone is planning on meeting up next year in Florence and running the marathon there in November. Exciting.