My mom sent me a one-line message about her visit not being mentioned on my blog. I sent her a message back: "I don't feel like it." She didn't respond - so I started to feel guilty and am now going to post about my mom visiting me. The post is going to be called:

How I Learned To Sit Up Straight or All Weekend I Get To Hug My Mom.

This is a picture of my mom in 1974. I have been trying to clean it up for the past 5 months - because for some reason or another it has been damaged over the years. It has always been my favorite picture because she has long hair. It's just that simple.

Anyway - like me trying to clean this picture - my mom will be out here for Thanksgiving weekend trying to help me clean up... my (pick one) self/life/outlook.

I have been trying my very best to prepare for her visit - however, since all of my other visitors left town, I have found it monumentally DIFFICULT to get out of bed, walk, or talk. I got my hair cut last night, I divided a pile of clothes into 2 piles of dirty & clean, I plucked a few gray strands and I have been trying very hard to remember to sit up straight.

About the slouching: my mom feels so inclined to take her hand and wack my back when I slouch. This in turn makes me sit up straight. At 19 you hate that - at 27 - you say "thanks."

My mom will also help me clean up my current stale thoughts. She will either help me pack up my things, or help me realize that this is where I need to be. Wow. The pressure is on the woman in charge.

I haven't quite finished cleaning up her picture. And I really doubt that in 5 days my mom will clean up all the bits that I have let get dull and ragged. But we will both TRY. Right? Right.


Oh wow. Don't we feel all warm and fuzzy. Do your pathetic self a favor & chuckle for the next five minutes here.
And if you live in NYC and you are equally Wes Anderson obsessed... check out the movie with me on the 8th of December here.

Thanks and have a great Giving of Thanks. Hugs your moms. Spend money. Eat the breasts of birds.