I interviewed for this small part-time cashier job at this really cool video store in my neighborhood. I want to work there after work, and on weekends so I can meet people, & make some extra cash before I hit the road. Little did I know they take “rentailing” (he said they call retail “rentail”) VERY SERIOUSLY. I was handed a 2 page film quiz before my interview. I am terrified by pop quizzes. I always fail miserably. I couldn’t remember a Fellini film to save my life.
To show an example of my interview finesse (joke) –

Him: We put that Ewok/Jawa question on there as a joke
Me: Oh yeah - I didn't know that one. (realizing what an ass I was making of myself.)
Him giving me blank stare.
I mean, Ewoks are pretty short. So I figured a Jawa was taller.
Okay. So I take it you are interested in a part-time job only?

Anyway, here is what I can remember of the film quiz.

1. Name 3 favorite movies, 2 stars from each & the genre.
2. 3 woody allen films.
3. 3 fellini films.
4. who is john williams.
5. 2 movies with lemmon and matthau.
6. 5 disney classics.
7. what is taller, an ewok or a jawa?
8. a sequel to silence of the lambs.
9. 3 actors in orginal oceans 11?
10. 3 members of the rat pack
11. 2 films with scorsese and deniro
12. 2 films by copolla
13. name as many james bond actors as you can.
14. name the type of movie (comedy, drama, etc.)
knife in water:
kings of comedy: