I feel like this is worth sharing.

So the other day in the break room talking to my friend. One of those girls that never says "hello" or "smiles" says to the guy:
"Hey. Talking to yourself again Charlie?"
to which he replies (he actually has manners and a cheerful disposition) "No Jane, I am actually talking to Anise. She is standing right here."

(I was literally standing right there)

Blank stare. She stands there, looking right through me.

I just stood there smiling. Still shaking from jet-lag, and in the silly-grin state of after-vacation bliss/letdown. In any other state-of-mind I probably would have come back with a smart-ass comment. I think I actually mumbled something like "oh gosh - he can't be talking to me! I mean seriously. What a fool." But no one heard it or anything.