End of the Line no more??
NYC is proposing banning cameras - or better said "the taking of pictures" on NYC Subways. They are saying this is in attempts to stop potential terrorists from learning more about the NYC Subway system. Yikes. That's crazy. I mean, if we look at what the terroists have done in the past, it seems more apt that they would enroll in Subway School if they really wanted to learn the under-workings of the subway. It just doesn't seem like they will learn the under-workings of the largest subway system in the world, via riding it and snapping pictures of the passengers from time to time...

I guess we need a Spiderman. I don't want to stop taking pictures on the subway. Have you seen those scenes of him whipping around the subway system in the new preview?? its pretty hot.

End of the line trips to do:

1/9 – Van Cortland Park
6 – Pelham Bay Park
5 – Eastchester
F – Jamaica
J/Z/E – Jamaica Center
L – Canarsie
M – Middle village
R – Bay Ridge

R/G/V – Forest hills
A – Rockaway & Inwood
7 – 42nd St. & Flushing
4 – Woodlawn
L – 14th
1/9 – South Ferry
N/W – Astoria
3 – New Lots
Q/B/D/F – Coney Island