I have a theory that after 6 years of living in NYC, (I have been here for 8 – but I noticed it on my 6th year) you see someone you know or recognize every two days RANDOMLY in the city. By random – this excludes the obvious like – seeing your co-worker smoking outside the office, or seeing the same people on your commute. I would like to project that maybe after 12 years of living in NYC – it would be possible that on random excursions and errands you run into people once a day. Wow. There’s a perk.
Here are my examples from the past week:
Wednesday – Near Strand downtown I saw this crooked woman that used to work in Mona’s office. I growled.
Thursday – no one.
Friday – Near 23rd St. saw Matt from college. He still has the same backpack.
Saturday – no one.
Sunday – 85th & Lexington I saw my Subway crush. I stopped taking the subway – because I like the bus better – so it was nice to see him.
Monday – I was at Macy’s and I saw my water aerobics instructor.
Tuesday – no one.
Wednesday – I was riding the bus home late at night and I saw one of my co-workers on the corner. We weren’t by work – so I am counting this.