1. Sarah Vowell should be at the top of every list. This week, she will be reading her short stories here. Ho Hum. If only Ira Glass were there as well.

2. Apparently this week is Print Week New York 2003. The deal benefits my fave place - Printed Matter - so it's gonna cost yah 25 smackers...

3. Fans of Wim Wenders should go here.

4. An exhibition just opened on the first, called Fast Forward: Twenty Years of White Rooms. No, it has nothing to do with Emily Dickenson's white phase. It has to do with the fab gallery White Columns. Ya'll should skip over and check it out cuz it features one of my fave artists Mr. John Currin. Add it to the list, Santa.

On a side note, I think every girl goes through a white phase of some sort. I have my theory as to why. The bulk of that theory having to do with her state of virginity. I also wonder at about what age the white phase typically happens?

I have always wanted to start a short story with the following sentence:
One year ago she was loosing her virginity.