I went to another Burlesque show on Saturday. It wasn't as raunchy or dark as I thought it should have been. For some reason I wanted to see blood, dirty hair and something broken. I wanted the music to be more basic tin pan alley. just a few clanks on an empty pot, cigarette dangling from lipstick lips.
I was thinking about starting a troupe of tap dancing fat girls. But it feels like that has already been done somewhere. Maybe it is stuck in my brain because of the hippos from the pastoral Symphony in Fantasia.

Along the lines of dance - I would like to choreograph a baroque ballet to The Beatles "All the Piggies" song on the White Album. I started making up the dance in the party house in East Hampton. It originally involved water ballet - but then I thought the dance might be more effective if set in the park.
Sounds like something you might see on cable's ARTS channel. Fringey.