I forgot to tell this lame story that happened to me on the bus home from JFK the other day. It goes a little like this:
So, I get on the airport bus, and realize that I have a LGA ticket, as opposed to a JFK ticket. I then realize that all I had on me was Euros, so I couldn't pay the difference. It was late, and this mistake was holding up the bus. People were cranky. This gentleman two seats ahead of me turns around and says "look, what's the difference? This is ridiculous!" He then pulls out a wad of cash and starts pushing dollar bills in the bus ticket takers hand. I just sat there stunned because A.) I was tired, and B.) It was all happening to quickly for me to object. So he pays the guy. We take off on our journey home. I thank the guy, and the guy just shrugs it off. So whatever.
Quiet busride home. We all arrive back in Manhatter.
As I am exiting the bus, I put my hand gently on his shoulder and reiterate how thankful I was for him paying the three dollars, and that I would really like it if he had a great night, and to get home safely.
He looks at me with a face that read "dude, I am so going to heaven for this. I am practically Christ." face, and says: "Pay it forward."

Now why did he have to go and ruin the moment for me? huh? He ruined everything with that, so instead of asking him for his address to mail the money back - I just laughed and said "ah, it's good to be back." (in America, that is...)