I had a moment on the plane, where I looked around and said "damn, I wouldn't change a thing right now." Then I was thinking back on my trip, and here are two moments where, if someone said: "well, if you could change just one more thing to make this magic, what would it be?" and I would say: "nothing".

1. Lounging on the airplane over the Atlantic. Three seats to myself. Nice warm meal in my tummy. Knitting pastel ribbed scarf. Listening to track 8 on Some Devil.
- I felt so independent and free. Feeling nothing to worry about, and no one worrying about me. Thrilling, really.

2. Looking at the Welsh countryside from the side of a hill, in the fog.
- Reminded me of the hikes we used to go on in Alaska after work. We would hike with the soul purpose of reaching that point on the mountain where there was no audible noise. We would lay on our backs, and listen to our breathing - in some cases holding our breath to hear the pureness and vigor that nothingness can give.

I would have liked to have spent more time in the hills. I fear that I am a nomad at heart, and wonder how much longer I will be here in NYC.