ANYC: 09.03

I love figuring out lyrics and stuff like that. One particular chorus that has always made me wonder, is from "What a Good Boy" by the Barenaked Ladies:

“This name is the hairshirt I wear
And this hairshirt is woven from your brown hair
This song is the cross that I bear
Bear it with me, bear with me, bear with me”

After reading it I would always kind of stop and think, “hmm, the hairshirt thing is a little weird.”
In a totally different topic - I started reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown the other day. This book is the first book I have read since reading "Christine" by Stephen King, that actually makes me so scared at night, that I lay frozen in my bed. Its a good thing I wear diapers. Moving on. The author writes about the Opus Dei sect of the Catholic Church, among other things. Apparently people of that sect are required to wear a spiked belt (called a cilice) around their thigh for about two hours a day to remind them of the pain Christ suffered for all of us heathens. I find this fascinating. So, this morning I was dinking around the Internet in search of a picture of the device. (I have yet to find a picture,) but I did find out that in addition to cilices; hairshirt’s are another kind of bodily mortification used by Catholics. The
hairshirt was made of Goats hair in hopes to aid the wearer in avoiding temptations of the flesh. Seeing the word hairshirt made me think of the song by BNL. Also – just as a side note – REM wrote a song called hairshirt, on the album Green.
So I think BNL is trying to say is that the girl they are singing about is so awesome that they are willing to torture themselves in honor of her. That is the short hand version for now.

Last night was the opener for this season's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Add another line to the list of TV show addictions - this show looks great. Check out the gauntlet Trading Cards! While you are at it, check out Hot Johnny Mosley!
People that I am glad to see on the show:
-Adam from New Orleans. Why we are still obsessed with his virginity is beyond me.
-Nathan from Seattle. I had a crush on Nathan. I wish they would bring back Irene.
-Abe from 2003 Road Rules. I was so pissed when Abe got kicked off the road. This just goes to show that whiny fat kid just how much he was a whiny fat kid.
-Rachel from Real World NYC2. I have so been wondering what ever happened to this girl. Now we can finally see. I wonder if her mom is going to call her on the road. That would be cool.
-Theo from some random Road Rules. I have always been a fan of raw Theo footage. This guy is pure testosterone. The episodes are hinting at him and Elka hooking up - I can't say I am a fan of that yet. I kind of want Theo to be with that blonde girl from Real World Seattle. Or Irene.
People that I could do without seeing again on any MTV shows:
-Coral. She already won last season. No fair.
-Norman from NYC. I don't get the draw.
-Mike from NYC2. I am glad he grew his hair out, but I fear this time around will be the same deal. We are going to watch him get drunk, and stomp around the house shouting about "The Miz". Snore. Seen it before. Miz: People will get pissed at you, and tell you to shut up. Coral will come over and try to defend your actions, then Abe will come over and start hitting on you.

Tonight at 7pm, Rufus Wainwright will be in Chelsea (no shocker there) promoting his new album - "Want One". I have high expectations, and a feeling a little apprehension for the new album because since Poses, the dude has been through rehab and back. So we'll see how that changed the music. So far I like track 1.
Rufus Wainwright reminds me of Thanksgiving 2001. I was sent out to pick up some random spice at Whole Foods in Greenwhich, Connecticut - basil if I remember correctly. I ended up getting lost (I have to admit, kind of intentionally), and spent two hours driving back roads in Connecticut, while "Poses" blasted from the stereo.
I like the way I discovered Rufie too. I was at Borders, looking for a mix tape opening song. The tape was a compliation of track 8's, so I went up to every listening machine and listened to track 8. The second I heard the first drum taps of Rebel Prince, I knew that I had my opener. I think I listened to that CD straight for two months.

What I have to say might be a shocker to some, but I am finally going to admit that I am secretly VERY chivalrous. I notice everything attributed to chivalry, and am constantly taking note. I first noticed my love of chivalry in college, and kept a mental list of all the awkward lanky boys whom had been taught right and wrong by their mothers and tended to revel in their company. Its not embarrassing for me to say that I notice daily gestures - however, it has been highly embarrassing for me to admit that I LOVE every Princely act. I mean, who doesn't want to be treated like a Princess? I love getting on trains first, I love not having to touch doors or buttons, I love not waiting in line at the bar. In the past (every day up to this one), to cover the embarrassment, I reach for doors, buttons, and knobs before the guy - because I don't want him thinking that I am not up with the times - or am snobby. Rest assured - its all over. I am changing my ways.
This morning I found relief from my inner battle with chivalry. I was just reading, and found the etiquette section for gentlemen. Upon reading some of it - (the taxi part was a little extensive) I found myself totally agreeing with the author, and wishing for the perfect etiquette follower as described. From this point forward, I am throwing out all reservation to withhold my love for chivalry - and will only seek that well-brought-up someone that is willing to divulge, so I can in turn, indulge.

LOTR in CP 2003:
I am way excited about the fireworks in
Central Park tonite. The New Yorker said that they will be a once in a lifetime type deal. Something that the future will ask about. I guess the whole park is going to be one big firework. I am excited. I haven't decided whether I should watch from my office windows - or got into the park, and experience it that way. Hmmm. Decisions....

This is the site of the day - compliments of Mr. Bill Rickman.

Guster is a cute band. Listen to their songs. Give them a chance.

Amber has annouced a party this Friday in Port Chester for Cosmonaut Records:
Cosmonaut Records will host birthday for Amanda Gallo and Myles Karr (seeking approval from Myles) sometime this Friday night.
Please distribute widely and bring babes.
Port Chester is a fun place where a bunch of punks live - two seconds from the train. Email me, or Amber for dyerections.

I know, I know, dream posts are all the same crazy shit, but whatever - I will like looking back and reading about this dream because it was awesome to me. so eat rotten sour food and cough.

I had this incredible dream last night that I discovered a town in Alaska that I had never seen before. The town was perfect in every sense. There were just the right amount of hills, it was on the water, and there were fresh streams with clear water for drinking. There was just the right amount of forest. There was also a little island for recreation right off the the coast. Across the water - which was about oh, 20 minutes on boat there were mountains - to large to climb, yet beautiful to look and explore. Actually, for those of you back home - it looked a lot like Homer, except it was filled with this perfect sense of satisfaction. Everyone in the town was satisfied and had rosey cheeks. I cannot remember who I was with - but we were driving along a road, and basically stumbled upon the place - from a hill, we looked down on this fertile valley and so we started exploring with excitement. I remember looking down one street and being overly thrilled that there was a dairy queen in the town. I think I was happy about this because one of the major complaints I have about NYC is that there is no Dairy Queen, so wherever I go on vacation, I always make apoint of stopping by - however the last three trips I have taken have not had Dairy Queens, so that was some kind of sub conscious thing. Well duh, I was dreaming.
So anyway - luckily it was the last dream I had before I woke up. The other dreams before that were really stressful - the kind where you are paranoid, and no one is listening to you -and you are trying desperately to stick up for, and prove yourself.
I can't stop thinking about the town. It was presented in the style of the movie A.I. - saturated color, with clone-like happy people.

So I have this fear of tarantulas. Even typing the word aids in my visioning them crawling under my desk. My back starts tingling, I start sweating, and panicking that they are crawling on me. I have to stop typing about this before I freak out. Overall, I know that I am relatively safe. I have vowed never to step foot in the states of Arizona, and New Mexico. It is a well known fact that during a family drive one summer from Alaska to South Padre Island, Texas - I did not get out of the car until we were at the Texas border. Living in NYC, I know to stay away from pet stores*. It is also a well known fact that when I see a picture of said arachnid I start screaming and throw the book/magazine across the room, stand up and start crying. That's how bad it is. Cry me a river. Once Elizabeth gave me a thank you card, and inside there was a big spider cut out from a magazine. She highly enjoyed watching me freak out, and then get furious at her. In doing all of this torture (she did it on numerous occasions) I no longer trust receiving any mail from her.
Anyway, all was going well with my phobia until the financial company SPDR started running that ad campaign featuring the big brown spider, and the black widow spider. These ads run in the two weekly's that I read: NY Times Mag & The New Yorker. Basically I have not read the NY times mag in a while, and luckily my summer roomie was a girl from Arizona who would ever so kindly go through the New Yorker before I read it, and rip out the ad. (I personally think she was tired of hearing me scream and throw it across the room.) Well, I no longer have the kind roommate to go through the mag for me - so this week's New Yorker has just been sitting here on my desk. Marcos stopped by, so I asked him to tear the ad out for me. He did so, and told me to write about my phobia. I asked why I would want to do that - to which he replied: "because your website is so you." So there, I wrote about my phobia.
*This is interesting to note - my 7 year old friend (she turned 8 last week - so that will take some adjusting too, when she gets back) is obsessed with pet stores. She finally succeeded in dragging me into the Petco on 86th - I asked the man working behind the counter were the spiders where kept, and he informed me that there were no arachnids in pet stores in New York City. He said that one of the first rules that Guilani passed, was that of banning the selling of Tarantulas in NYC. If that doesn’t make me love new york, I don't know what it will take.