I would like to do an installation in Times Square involving sounds of nature and the display monitors. I envision all of the monitors showing one large scene shot in Montana - like a huge panoramic vista. All of the cars and pedestrians will be silenced. All we will hear would be recorded wind.
Or in another installation - I would do the ocean. With the sound being the waves of course.
The installation party would be in the center of the Square, happen at sunset, and everyone would be dressed in black.
The inspiration would be attributed to how the screens looked so eerie during the blackout, and the Lehman Brother's Building Screens. There would be speculation that the work was attributed to the my unending homesickness for Alaska. But I would never confirm such a matter - wanting to keep that to myself.
The press would interview my Alaskan relatives and ask questions concerning my relationship with nature and modern science. My parents would tell of the observation journal I kept of the squirrels in the backyard, and that other than that - she was fairly normal - biked around the neighborhood a lot. kept to herself.
The title has yet to be decided. Electric Vista is too cheesy.