I just finished watching the new radiohead video "there there." I liked the tree/forest/lighting, and I liked the reference to the "First Vision" that Joseph Smith supposedly saw in Upstate New York back in 1840something. moving on. overall I feel like it kind of missed the mark. I actually said "o brother" and rolled my eyes. At one point in the song, he sounded just like Ozzy Osbourne on that one episode of The Osbournes when their cat was trapped in the backyard, and Ozzie was yelling for Sharon. Then again - - now its playing through a second time, and I am humming.... I guess we'll see on june 10th just what the story is with this Hail to the Chief business. I think my album excitement right now on a scale of ten is about a 6.4. Something is seeming so set-up about the band right now.
I do have to say that I like thom's haircut right now. that fake mohawk/chop suey thing is crazy slick.