I cut my own hair the other day, and gave myself bangs. My coworker Adam says that my new bangs look so cute, that he suggested I cut hair for a living. Not all hair, just bangs. I would love to open up a little specialty shop downtown that is specifically geared towards the chopping of bangs. I would call it BANGS. He said that since I got my start here in my office (one night when I was bored,) that I make office calls - go to people's offices around the city, scissors in hand, and cut bangs where needed. I don't think this would fly with supervisors, but I would most definitely be willing to accommodate to peoples lunch hours. I love my new bangs. I will attach a picture of my new bangs once Adam takes a decent picture of me and my new bangs.
god, that word can sound so dirty if said repeatedly... The British call bangs - "fringe". I think I will stick to calling them "bangs" just for pure shock value.